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Tapete Para Caixa De Areia Gato Dupla Camada Impermeável Tapete para Gatos Impermeável Antiderrapante Cat Litter Mat, dupla camada, EVA Cats Almofada Tapete, sob a caixa de ar

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Waterproof Cat Litter Mat Double Layer Pet Litter Box Mat Non-slip Sand Cat Pad Washable Bed Mat Clean Pad Products


Name:EVA Cat litter mat

Color:black gray

Material quality:rubber

Product Function: Suitable for over 95% of cat litter types. The upper layer is made of through-hole material, which can easily pass through. The lower layer is made of waterproof material, and dirt such as cat litter and urine can accumulate here. The cat litter pad is designed with a double layer design: the upper layer adopts a hexagonal hole concave and convex design, which not only prevents the cat litter from splashing out after it falls, but also has a round and smooth touch to prevent hurt the cat's paws and avoid scratching. The lower layer of the pad is sealed specifically for storing cat litter, and the bottom is designed with regular circular holes, effectively preventing slip and injury caused by colliding cats.
The front and rear sides are designed with openings, allowing for easy pouring of cat litter without any hassle or fuss. What's even better is the reuse of cat litter, which saves money while cleaning.
The material is selected from high elastic EVA material, which is soft, washable, and not stuffy, suitable for cats who like soft touch. There is an error of ± 2cm in manual measurement of dimensions.
Colors, styles, and sizes can be customized ,welcome to dropped shipping. If needed, please contact customer service.

Package includes: 1x Cat Mat

1?? pet cat litter mat with a large black cat in the middle, in the style of , vibrant exaggeration, meticulous technique, environmental awareness, double tone effect, packed with hidden details, dark white and dark black
2?? A cat litter mat with anti slipping, in the style of , chen zhen, dark black and light black, vibrant exaggeration, solarization effect, organic material, environmental awareness
3?? anti falling cat mat, in the style of meticulous technique, sabattier filter, , clean
4?? cat cat litter carpet mat antifalling mat, in the style of , sabattier filter
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